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Radical Honesty

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Darkness & Light

Awaken Your Inner Sage And Transform Yourself From Within...

There are invisible forces at play within and around you.

We’ve become blind to these realms of consciousness in the modern world, but the ancients knew how to see and feel them. They knew how to harness their wisdom and healing power.

Once you begin to understand these dimensions, a whole new reality will open itself up to you.

You will begin to see all the connections and underpinnings that make up your life, awakening to the real you. And almost miraculously, a divine light will begin to shine through you.

This is what the shamans and sages have been working with for millennia.

Did you know:  There are core principles that almost every ancient healing tradition around the world shares. Despite the fact that many of these cultures have never had contact with each other – some separated by oceans…

How is this possible? How could an aboriginal tribe in Australia practice rituals that are identical to those used by a shaman in Northern Siberia?

The answer is simple – we all have an innate and intuitive connection with the cosmos and the natural world around us that is an unshakeable part of who we are.

When fully harnessed, we can use this superpower to create miracles in our life.

But it takes courage, discipline and a willingness to go beyond what you thought was possible.

Would you like to awaken your inner sage and begin seeing your life for what it truly is – a spiritual training ground?

I invite you to join us on a journey that will transform you forever.

My job in this incarnation is to be a bridge between the new ways and the old, in whatever capacity will serve the greater good.


If you're enjoying the free videos above, you're going to love the full Inner Alchemy Program.

We’ve taken the most powerful teachings and techniques from the most powerful healing traditions and distilled them into a 30-day journey that will create a BIG shift in your life.

There is nothing like this available anywhere else. This is a living, breathing, resource that you can come back to again and again, to evolve and grow.

This program will unlock your hidden “sixth sense,” elevating your mind while giving you access to true health, happiness, and deep inner wisdom.

If you are looking for a real change in your
life, I invite you to step onto the healing path and
see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

You are an infinitely powerful being, with an
entire universe within you just waiting to be discovered.

the inner alchemy program will teach you how to
transform your life into A spiritual training ground

the inner alchemy program will teach you how to
transform your life into A spiritual training ground

Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

A key part of this path is learning how to tap into your intuitive abilities and heal your mind and body of the chronic illnesses that run rampant in our modern world. You will learn how to identify the underlying energies, emotions and belief systems that have been sabotaging your happiness and health. You will be shown time-tested methods to free yourself of past traumas and remove the negative,

fear-based programming that you’ve been subject to since you were in grade school. It’s absolutely vital that we start this journey with a clean slate – so one of our first objectives will be to clear these limiting beliefs. Once you have “clear sight,” you will be able to tap into the power of your true nature far more easily.

Every moment of your life is sacred and loaded with
subtle information that can only be witnessed by one who has clear sight. This can only be gained by letting go of “who we are” and the fear-based anticipation of what will happen next…

– shaman roman hanis



Nick Polizzi has spent his career producing and directing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. He has been traveling the world, documenting the forgotten healing methods of the ancient world ever since he cured himself of a debilitating illness using a traditional therapy
when he was 25 years old.

Nick’s work is guided by a deep connection to the rituals and remedies of our ancestors, particularly those that can be used to heal the diseases of today.

I want to be clear, the inner alchemy experience is not for everybody.

This path is for you if you are willing to:

If this sounds like you, i invite you to join US and explore the infinite power
of inner alchemy.


"The Ancient Toltec Way
Of Healing "


Don Miguel Ruiz

"How To Listen When
Your Body Says "No""


Dr. Gabor Mate


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  • Private FaceBook Group (with other students)
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